All You Need To Know About Office Tex

For those of you who don’t know, Office Tex itself was established by a group of individuals who have worked together in corporations where document printing and photocopy services were largely availed. Their experience completed them to think of ways to make this process much easier for others in the industry. So in short, the purpose behind laying the foundations of Office Tex is to provide Australians with services that are fast and quick paced as well as affordable. The idea was to have a business that would serve as a role model by having under one roof a wide range of products and services. Be it colored or black and white photocopy and printouts, they at Office Tex have machines for both available for sale. In addition they also have a team of technicians that can counter solve any issues and problems that one can possibly encounter in these machines.

Some of the services that Office Tex can provide you with are as follows: first of all if your photocopier service Sydney is showing an error that you are unable to resolve and you are on a look out for a technician, they are ones to contact. Secondly, if your printer is really old and you want to replace it with a newer model, they at Office Tex will surely have that in store for you, so do check that out. Third, if you want a two in one, photocopy machine as well as a printer, they at Office Tex also have that. And this is not the end, there are many more services that they provide for and at times custom made arrangements to resolve any issues that you are encountering.

Many multinational companies have joined hands with Office Tex and one such company whose machines most people aspire to have is Xerox. They have been in this industry for over five decades now and whether it is for printing, scanning, photocopy or any other service; they manufacture latest machines which are technologically advanced. They have many models in the market, but one of them is a standout, it is a multipurpose machine which can print and scan and photocopy as well as fax. The model is “ApeosPort IV C2275”. The paper it uses should be A5 in size and its print resolution is up to 2400 dpi. It also has the feature of colored as well as black and white prints.

If you are interested in buying this machine, first you must talk to the team at Office Tex.  You need to discuss with them your work requirement and they can better guide you as to which machine would best suit you. Second step is that they will calculate a quote for you, which if you agree with, you can   commence with the sale further. The next step is to order the machine you want, pay for it through online means and it will be at your door step within a few days’ time.

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